Award winning music artist launches new chat show

CVLTURE TV | Hillingdon Today
Newly launched talk show CVLTURE TV / CVLTURE TV

A new talk show has been launched. CVLTURE TV aims to deliver straight to the point, real and raw conversation with people who have something to say or a story to tell.

Founded by Rapper and Entrepreneur Nik Nagarkar (Virus Syndicate) and the EY3 Media creative team during the pandemic, CVLTURE TV is designed to inspire, inform and influence.

The no holds barred interviews see the likes of Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham discussing how Westminster makes fraudsters of politicians, Netflix sensation Suki Mennon on breaking the moulds of tradition, Ministry of Defence Nick Popes chilling idea of “a truth too terrible to be told”, Martin Dempster on drug smuggling, heroin addiction and the road to recovery and Mani Anwar on the lowdown to cryptocurrency and NFT.

With hard hitting episodes released every week, this newly launched platform also has plans to feature music and sports segments.

To find out more and watch the show, visit the CVLTURE TV YouTube page.