Charity aims to help Heathrow workers affected by pandemic

Plane at Heathrow Airport

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the aviation industry around the world. Heathrow alone has stated that passenger numbers have reduced by between 80-90% a month. With Heathrow accounting for 22% of local employment and supporting 114,000 jobs, the effect of the pandemic has been felt by many locals who are working reduced hours, are on furlough or have sadly lost their job.

Aviation Action is offering help to the many locals who work or have worked at Heathrow and who have been personally affected by the pandemic.

The charity, which launched in May last year, was established by workers at Manchester Airport. Their vision was to provide vital assistance with both personal and professional help and to support all who work or have worked in the aviation sector, from flight deck to firefighters and caterers to cabin crew.

Thanks to their team of volunteers, Aviation Action aims to help individuals get back on their feet by offering free personal mental health support, industry peer to peer support, career and recruitment support and much more.

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