Climate charity invites photographers to picture a better future

Picture This: | Hillingdon Today
Picture This: will showcase images of collective action / Carbon Copy

Climate charity, Carbon Copy, has launched its first-ever online photography exhibition. Picture This: will showcase images of collective action from across the country, covering a broad range of approaches to “thinking big, locally”.

Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate, with the story behind the pictures being more important than the quality of the photographs themselves.

The initiatives photographed will be categorised within six themes: renewable energy; biodiversity and nature; land use, food and agriculture; carbon zero transport; circular economy and sustainable buildings. The charity is keen to see submissions from any organisation or voluntary group where environmental sustainability is one of its outcomes.

Chief storyteller, Isabelle Sparrow said: “We know there are groups of people working on incredible projects: not only those which are specifically set-up to reduce carbon emissions; but those for example focused on building community resilience, fighting inequality and improving health and well-being.

“These initiatives very often have hugely beneficial effects on our environment as well. With Picture This: we would like to invite participants from a whole range of different organisations, to show how your project is making a difference – not just to the climate crisis, but to your community as a whole.

“We’re asking participants to submit three images each: Snapshot Of Now, Connection On Camera and Focus On The Future. We are really excited to see how people interpret each of the titles and come up with creative ideas to make their photographs stand out. We hope people enjoy the challenge of telling their stories in a different, more visual way.”

The virtual exhibition will open with a ticketed private view event on Thursday 17th June.

Submissions will remain open for six weeks, closing at midnight on Monday 24th May. For details about how to take part visit the Carbon Copy website at