Get the Job Program Offers Support for Hillingdon Residents Seeking Employment

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In an effort to assist individuals in their quest for employment, the “Get the Job” program offered by Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support (HACS), is extending a helping hand. Comprising of eleven weekly sessions, this initiative aims to furnish participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully secure employment.

Open to all residents of Hillingdon aged 16 and above, the program specifically caters to individuals with autism, those awaiting diagnosis, those who self-identify as autistic, as well as those who have a learning disability. The sessions, which start on May 7th, offer a platform for learning and growth, with the goal to equip attendees with the skills and knowledge required to secure employment.

Each session lasts two hours and promises an enriching experience where participants can engage with peers on a diverse range of topics pertinent to job seeking. From mastering the art of crafting an impressive CV to exploring different avenues of employment, the program covers an array of essential areas.

Interested individuals are encouraged to email [email protected] for further details and to express their interest in joining the sessions.

Further details about HACS can be obtained from their website at