Heathrow Airport giving away defibrillators to local community

View of Heathrow at sunset | Hillingdon Today
Heathrow Airport at sunset / HAL

Heathrow Airport is giving away defibrillators to local community groups, charities and small organisations around the airport. The life-saving devices are looking for a new home and are free of charge to any local community group that could benefit from one in the neighbouring area.

The airport has recently updated all the devices in its terminals and, after thorough testing, wants to make sure the previous models which have plenty life in them go to good use.

Becky Coffin, Director of Communities and Sustainability at Heathrow, said: “A defibrillator in the right place can be a genuine lifesaver. That’s why we want to make sure that every single one of these is given a good home in the local community. Anyone from a local group who thinks they would benefit from a free defibrillator should get in touch to register their interest.”

Defibrillators can provide a vital lifeline when someone suffers a cardiac arrest and increase their chances of survival while medical help is on its way.

To register an interest, groups are asked to email [email protected] by Monday 12th December.