Did you know women will spend around £3000 on ‘tweakments’ ahead of the festive period?!

Women will spend up to £3,000 to look ‘just perfect’ ahead of the endless parties, countless photo opportunities and family gathering, according to Karidis Clinic in London who revealed the top five treatments requested in the run-up to Christmas are:
Botox (usually three areas) @ £540
HydraFacial @ £160
Body Ballancer @ £85
Lip filler 1ml @ £385
Ultherapy Neck Lift @ £1,870

According to the clinic, whose clients include Denise Van Outen and Michelle Visage, the most popular date to start the pre-festive maintenance is the week commencing the 28th October.

Suzi Noble, a Senior Nurse Practitioner at Karidis Clinic told HAREFIELD RADIO: “Often women and men come to me wanting to look their best for the festive time and I advise clients book in for their injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers now. Botox, for example, takes up to two weeks to smooth and soften fine lines and having it done now gives us a chance to tweak or top up the treatment if needed. With fillers, there is a risk of light bruising and swelling, so I’d always advise allowing a couple of weeks a big event just to be on the safe side. Plus, I find the hydrating effect on the skin can take four to six weeks to look its best – just in time for the Christmas parties!”

Maxine Dornon, a Practitioner at Karidis Clinic, told HAREFIELD RADIO: “As Christmas approaches more and more people are starting to think about the social season and all the events they are going to attend and all the delicious treats they may consume so they start to make more enquiries about treatments to help them look and feel their best and most confident.”

Some women are even brave enough to venture under the knife and undergo a Half Hour Eye Lift procedure, two months before Christmas.

Cosmetic Surgeon, Mr Alex Karidis told HAREFIELD RADIO: “We have to be careful not to trivialise any surgical procedure, as they are under a general anaesthetic and on the operating table but, with an experienced surgeon, an eyelid lift is a very quick, not very complex procedure that can produce amazing results. Patients can leave hospital the same day typically and the recovery is relatively quick. And, for most patients, the scarring is very fine and well-hidden.”

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