Local Takes on Six Triathlons in Six Counties to Promote Sepsis Awareness

Fleur Harman completed her second triathlon last week in London | Hillingdon Today
Fleur Harman completed her second triathlon last week in London / Fleur Harman

Fleur Harman, a dedicated and passionate individual, is embarking on an extraordinary journey to raise awareness about the six critical symptoms of sepsis by participating in six triathlons across six counties.

Last Sunday, Fleur completed her second triathlon in Hatch End, Harrow, continuing her mission to educate the public about this life-threatening condition. Sepsis, often referred to as blood poisoning, can strike anyone, regardless of age or health.

This campaign is especially personal for Fleur, who is honouring the memory of her friend Gina. Gina, a vibrant and healthy young woman, tragically succumbed to sepsis last September.

Fleur’s initiative is driven by a deep desire to prevent further tragedies by spreading knowledge about sepsis.

Despite being a novice triathlete, Fleur is undeterred by the physical demands of her challenge, which spans from May to September.

Community support is vital to Fleur’s mission. She gratefully welcomes any assistance or contributions that can help amplify her message and reach a broader audience.

For more information on how to support Fleur Harman’s triathlon challenge visit her JustGiving page.