Man sentenced for causing death by careless driving on Bath Road

Victim Mohammed Osman | Hillingdon Today
VICTIM: Mohammed Osman, who was aged 28 / Metropolitan Police Service

A man has been sentenced for causing the death of 28-year-old Mohammed Osman by careless driving in Hounslow last year.

Shahriyar Mahoutchian, form Berkshire, was sentenced to eight months imprisonment at the Central Criminal Court last Friday (17 September). The sentence was reduced from 12 months for his early guilty plea.

Mahoutchian was also disqualified from driving for two years and two months until he passes an extended test.

The court heard that on Wednesday 10 April 2019 at around 6:15pm, the victim attempted to cross the westbound lane of Bath Road.

Witnesses reported that as the light turned green, three pedestrians – the first being Mohammed Osman – stepped onto the road and started to walk across it.

Suddenly the other two men stepped back and at the same time the victim was struck by a fast approaching car driven by Mahoutchian. He was driving at approximately 35 mph.

Mohamed was thrown into the air and fell onto the road a short distance away, suffering catastrophic injuries.

A number of witnesses rushed to assist the victim including a patrolling police car.

Despite attempts to save his life by the London Ambulance Service and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, Mohammed never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Manoutchian stopped at the scene and identified himself as the driver. A drugs and drink test was negative.

In a post mortem, conducted on 16 April 2019, the primary cause of death was recorded as head injuries.

Mahoutchian was interviewed under caution. CCTV and phone records were presented but he denied driving dangerously, giving no comment to all questions asked during the interview.

Phone records established multiple activity on Mahoutchian’s phone within the timeframe of the collision with final connection terminating at the time victim was struck. As such, the Forensic Collision Reconstruction Report concluded that the collision occurred within the timeframe the defendant’s phone was active.

The report concluded there were no obstructions to the defendant’s view and there were no mechanical defects of the vehicle he was driving which could contribute to the collision. It was also determined that the sequence of the traffic lights was red for the oncoming traffic when the collision occurred.

Mahoutchian was charged with causing death by careless driving on 15 February 2021.

DC Dariusz Alexander from the Serious Collisions Investigations Unit led the investigation said: “The carelessness of Mahoutchian’s driving that day cost the life of a young man. It has caused immeasurable suffering to his family and friends and the result today marks the end of a protracted investigation to bring them justice. I hope they can now begin to move forwards, treasuring his memory.

“The witnesses made a reference to traffic lights being red to oncoming vehicles and that Mahoutchian did not make any effort to slow down or stop when he collided with Mohammed Osman.

“The report also found activity ongoing on his mobile phone in the lead up and during the time of the collision. Whatever decision Mahoutchian made that day will remain with him for the rest of his life and I hope this sends a message to everyone on the roads to remain vigilant and focused on their surroundings. Looking down at your phone – even for a second – can quite literally cost a life.”