Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary announce the roll out of Operation Livingstone

Operation Livingstone January 2022 | Hillingdon Today
Officers from the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary working as part of Operation Livingstone / Metropolitan Police Service

The Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary attached to the West Area Basic Command Unit has announced the roll out of Operation Livingstone.

Officers working alongside the West Area Gangs Unit, use targeted intelligence to combat violent crime across the borough.

Special Constables, which trace their history back to 1831, are volunteer police officers who offer their time to work with and support regular officers. They have the same powers and authority as a regular police officer and bring a huge variety of unique skills to policing.

PC Pete Self, the West Area Special Constabulary Coordinator said: “Utilising the Special Constabulary in this way makes use of a huge and efficient uniform resource to tackle crime that is at the forefront of the West Area priorities. It allows us to deploy more uniformed officers in areas that are seeing an increase in violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

“We are currently recruiting Special Constables and this is a great career path for anybody who wants to experience the varied world of policing or consider a pathway into a full-time career in the Metropolitan Police.”

Visit to find out more about the Special Constabulary and how to apply.