New collection of ‘Lockdown Diaries’ marks anniversary of first UK lockdown

Cover image from “The Lockdown Diaries of A Midlife Menopausal Mum
Cover image from “The Lockdown Diaries of A Midlife Menopausal Mum" / Katie Taylor

A year to the day that UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced the first Covid-19 lockdown, Katie Taylor (CEO & Founder of The Latte Lounge – an online platform for women over 40) has released her lockdown diaries, in memory of all those who lost their lives.

The diaries give a unique insight into life in lockdown with Katie’s three testosterone fuelled teenage sons, one working from home daughter and boyfriend, a husband whose trying to keep his hotel business alive, and a Cavachon dog.

From the early days of positivity, optimism and many, many questions, through to the reflective moments of quality time spent with her family, on to moments when the frustration and despondency settled in, these diaries capture the roller coaster of emotions that so many of us will have experienced, during this unprecedented time.

Commenting on the release of her new book, Katie said: “When I realised we were going to be staying at home for a very long time, I decided to start writing about my feelings for our website, as a way of organising my thoughts and clearing my head. Little did I know that these blogs would continue for a year and that I was unwittingly blogging about an historic moment in time.

When I saw all the sacrifices that so many people had to make, be that losing their livelihoods, losing their homes, or for many, losing a loved one, I felt compelled to publish these blogs one year on, so that we would never forget.”

The period of time the book covers, captures some very personal moments including how she managed to keep her teens out of their bedrooms for months on end, how she kept her ageing parents safe, well and out of hospital for months on end and how she kept her own mental health firmly in tact for months on end.

The Lockdown Diaries of A Midlife Menopausal Mum, is available to pre-order on Amazon now and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.