New Electric Vehicle Charging Points Launched Across Hillingdon

New EV charging point in Hillingdon | Hillingdon Today
An EV being charged in the new EV charging bays in Green Lane Car Park, Northwood / Hillingdon Council

Hillingdon Council has recently activated thirty-two new electric vehicle (EV) chargers, reinforcing its commitment to combating climate change and fostering a green and sustainable community.

This rollout marks the first phase of the council’s new partnership with APCOA, aiming to establish a comprehensive and accessible EV charging network across Hillingdon by 2030. An additional fourteen charging points are slated to go live later this year, bringing the total to 46 new chargers.

The newly installed chargers include 24 units in entirely new locations and 22 replacements for existing EV charging points that had reached their end of life. Currently, the network features 7-kilowatt chargers, which will soon be complemented by fourteen rapid charging points (22-kilowatt), enhancing convenience for residents who need to charge their vehicles quickly.

Funding has been secured for an additional 36 charging points, planned for installation in a second phase once electrical supplies are confirmed. Feasibility studies and planning efforts are already underway to finalise these locations.

This expansion is excellent news for Hillingdon residents who own or are considering purchasing an EV. Moreover, HillingdonFirst cardholders will benefit from a discounted rate of 60p per kWh, compared to the standard rate of 65p per kWh.

Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Hillingdon Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport said: “We’re committed to making Hillingdon a green and sustainable borough and delivering on our promise to slash carbon emissions in line with the council’s Climate Action Plan.

“Our new network of EV charging points uses the very latest technology to make them simple and easy to use and helps us future-proof our facilities to meet growing demand as more residents make the switch.

“Not everyone has a driveway or the option to charge their cars at home, so our expanding network will enable residents, and visitors, to top-up their vehicles in a convenient and affordable way.”

The new charging points are located at:

  • Botwell Green Car Park, Hayes (x4)
  • Brandville Road Car Park, West Drayton (x4)
  • Fairfield Road Car Park, Yiewsley (x4)
  • Green Lane Car Park, Northwood (x4)
  • Highgrove Pool Car Park, Ruislip (x2)
  • Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex Car Park, Uxbridge (x2)
  • Pump Lane Car Park, Hayes (x4)
  • Ruislip Lido Willow Lawn Car Park, Ruislip, (x8)

Coming soon:

  • Civic Centre Car Park, Uxbridge (x6)
  • Pembroke Gardens Car Park, Ruislip (x5)
  • St Martin’s Approach Car Park, Rusilip x3)

Rapid charging points coming soon:

  • Green Lane Car Park, Northwood (x4)
  • Ruislip Lido Willow Lawn Car Park, Ruislip (x4)
  • Devonshire Lodge, Eastcote (x6)