New scheme for e-bikes in London

Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) is launching a new scheme to help raise awareness of the benefits of e-bikes and encourage more Londoners to take up cycling.

Research by TfL shows that more than a fifth of people who don’t cycle are put off because they think they aren’t fit enough, feel distances are too long or say they are too old. E-bikes can help overcome these concerns as the power assisted bikes allow the rider to cycle further, and uphill, with ease.

A new website has been set-up to allow Londoners to benefit from exclusive discounts and improved access to e-bikes to encourage more to take up cycling.

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: “I’ve enjoyed trying a number of e-bikes and can see what great potential they have to help Londoners get around our capital. We’re working hard to make cycling safer and more accessible, and these e-bikes can make a difference to those who feel unable to travel by bike. By providing a boost as you pedal, the bikes help riders cycle with ease but still improve their health too. I hope through this new partnership we can encourage even more first-time cyclists to take to our capital’s streets.”

The Mayor has committed record levels of investment to cycling in the capital, with £169 million per year being spent on average for five years on new infrastructure and initiatives to make cycling safer. Encouraging people to cycle is one of the key components of his Transport Strategy, which aims to make London a healthier, greener and more accessible place by investing in, and encouraging greater use of, public transport and active travel.

Londoners can find out more and identify their nearest test ride opportunity at