Police Violence Suppression Unit delivers impressive results in driving down violence

Weapons found by the VUS | Hillingdon Today
In the last two weeks, the Violence Suppression Unit, has taken knives, swords, a meat cleaver, CS spray, a telescopic baton and a baseball bat off the streets / Metropolitan Police Service

In May 2020, the Metropolitan Police Service launched a new Violence Suppression Unit to identify and target the most serious offenders, infiltrate hotspot areas and tackle the key drivers of violence with the goal of driving down violence in the local area.

Since its formation, the unit, which works across Hillingdon, Hounslow and Ealing boroughs, has delivered impressive results including:
• Over 1,000 arrests
• 70% of arrests have been charged or resulted in a positive outcome
• 80% of those charged went on to be remanded in custody
• Seized over £200,000 in criminal proceeds
• Seized over £1.5m in controlled drugs
• Closed down over fifty cannabis factories

The unit has also resulted in over 200 years of custodial sentences.

In the last two weeks alone, the unit has responded to local concerns and taken several weapons off the street including: knives, swords, a meat cleaver, CS spray, a telescopic baton and a baseball bat.

Inspector Jake Albon-Massey, from the unit said: “My officers have worked incredibly hard to deliver staggering results. Each one of these weapons could be lethal, and a life is saved every time we take one off the street; I commend them on their accomplishments.

“But the hard work doesn’t stop there. We continue to use all of the tactics at our disposal to identify and disrupt violent offenders in our community. Violence is a choice nobody has to make. If you are carrying a weapon, or otherwise involved in criminality, you will be caught, my officers will arrest you, and we will work tirelessly to ensure your conviction, calling for the most severe punishments available.”