Singer-Songwriter Fowler Releases New Single ‘Don’t You Say’ After Making Music Over Zoom Calls

Fowler - Don’t You Say | Hillingdon Today
Album Cover for ‘Don’t You Say’ by Fowler / Fowler

London-based singer-songwriter Fowler has released his new single ‘Don’t You Say’. Fowler takes influence from an array of genres including jazz, blues, R&B and pop and has recently seen support from the likes of BBC local radio.

‘Don’t You Say’ chronicles the story of a guy who has just split from his partner. As he starts to move on, his ex comes running back asking for a second chance leading to old wounds reopening and a clouded headspace.

The track outlines how someone can come back into your life at the least opportune moment, halting the healing process and making you question how far you’ve actually come, eventually leading to the guy walking away and asking to be left alone.

Backed by a bright lively lead synth that ebbs and flows throughout the track, merging with funky chorus bass lines adding an extra dynamic to the well-polished exuberant instrumentation that frames Fowler’s vocal performance beautifully.

The track was produced over Zoom calls as an example of how musicians and producers have had to adapt throughout lockdown.

To listen to the single, visit Fowler’s Facebook page.