Tree surgeon offers top tips for winter garden care

As gardeners start to prepare for the cooler months, there’s plenty to do in order to make sure your garden survives the winter. If you’re looking for some top tips for essential checks and key gardening tasks to keep your garden in top condition as the thermometer plummets, Alexander Walton, owner of Essex-based Walton’s Tree Services, has plenty of good advice for effective winter garden care.

Alexander says, “With winter nearly upon us, the cold, windy weather begins to present a number of hazards for the garden. To keep the risk of damage to a minimum, we suggest the following:

– carry on removing dead leaves from roofs, sheds and lawns on a regular basis.

– check that timber sheds, trellis work and garden furniture which isn’t going into storage is properly treated to repel moisture. Also check that structures are sound, as high winds, frost and the weight of snow in winter can make any weaknesses worse.

– protect tender plants. This may mean taking some indoors or into a shed, or covering the base of the plant with mulch to protect the roots.

– pots may crack due to frost action if not protected. Locating them in a sheltered part of the garden or covering them in a layer or two of sacking can make all the difference.

– check that pathways are clear of leaves and debris. It’s also helpful to complete any pathway repairs which need doing, as freeze/thaw action can quickly cause small cracks or gaps to widen.

– check trees for signs of instability. Further checks should be made throughout the winter, particularly after high winds.”