Uxbridge Station Protests – find out why a walking talking tree visited town today

Stop HS2 protesters took action today outside of Uxbridge Underground Station.

The large group of protesters began to arrive around 9.30am with the main protest involving a large 20 foot banner and a living tree character.

Protesters say the Oakervee review, set up by the Government is a whitewash and that the deputy chair of the review has made public statements confirming this.

A spokesperson added: “The protest took place at the same time and location as a planned Greenpeace protest against the expansion of Heathrow Airport, however it appears that this was sadly cancelled at the last moment.”

Protesters received comments and opinions from members of the public both for and against HS2.

David who lives in Uxbridge and is a construction worker shouted “I’m all for HS2, this protest is a waste of time!”

We asked David why he thought this he said: “HS2 provide jobs to hundreds of people and is needed as our transport network cannot cope with increasing demand, I understand protecting the environment but sometimes we have to make sacrifices.”

The protesters say they will continue the fight.

Alice Greenham (pictured) told HAREFIELD RADIO: “We are here protesting HS2 today, Greenpeace were supposed to be holding a protest as well but cancelled at the last moment. We are here to make the public aware of what’s going on, I’m very passionate because the whole planet is at risk, our species as a whole is at risk and we need to change this, we are spending 88 billion pound of taxpayers money on a train that nobody needs or wants. The money will be better spent on current transport and other services such as the NHS.

Its too late we need to wake up , we need to work together. It’s not too late, rights for women ,black people and those with disabilities have all come from protest. It is possible and protest can make things happen.”

HS2 has been a hot topic in the build up to elections with all of the main parties having policy in regards to the project. A former local councillor urged those who have an opinion to vote, whether for or against HS2 to use the polls to make their voices heard.