Wind-powered street lights pioneered in Hillingdon

Wind and solar powered streetlight | Hillingdon Today
A wind and solar-powered street light at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge / Hillingdon Council

In a bold move towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, Hillingdon Council has embarked on a ground breaking initiative to introduce hybrid wind and solar-powered street lights.

The council’s trailblazing efforts have seen the installation of these innovative lights at six key locations across the borough, where a reliable source of electricity is unavailable. By employing energy-efficient LED bulbs, which consume significantly less power than conventional ones, the council has taken a significant step towards reducing energy consumption.

These cutting-edge street lights derive their power from two environmentally friendly sources: the sun and wind. Equipped with solar panels, they harness the sun’s energy during daylight hours. Additionally, a turbine positioned at the top of each column converts wind power into electricity. To ensure uninterrupted illumination even during periods of low sunlight and wind, the lights incorporate a built-in battery capable of storing sufficient power.

The initial implementation of these eco-conscious lights has been carried out at prominent locations including the Civic Centre and St Andrew’s Roundabout in Uxbridge. Further installations have taken place at the Grainges car park in Uxbridge, as well as council housing estates in South Road in West Drayton and Melrose Close in Hayes.

Hillingdon Council now plans to expand the deployment of these sustainable street lights. The St Andrew’s housing estate in Uxbridge is set to receive an additional ten units, bringing the total to twenty. Moreover, Minet County Park in Hayes will also benefit from the installation of ten hybrid lights in its car park. It is important to note that each column, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, incurs lower running costs when compared to conventional bulbs.

Hillingdon Council has taken the lead in western London by embracing this cutting-edge technology as part of its unwavering commitment to resident safety and addressing the pressing climate emergency. By pioneering the use of hybrid wind and solar-powered street lights, the council has set a remarkable example for other local authorities to follow suit.

Cllr Eddie Lavery, Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, said: “We’re committed to ensuring Hillingdon is a green and sustainable borough where residents feel safe.

“These new street lights solve the issue of installing good lighting where there’s no electricity source, which is ideal for a borough like ours where there’s lots of open space.

“They save the expense and environmental impact of having to connect remote locations to the electricity grid, and being self-powered, don’t cost the council anything to run.

“These are the kinds of emerging technologies we’re keen to embrace and champion as we push towards a greener and more sustainable Hillingdon.”